Picture of Pastor Eric Hauan & Family

Pastor Eric Hauan

Senior Pastor

Phone: 715-848-5511 Ext. 2

[email protected]

Picture of Pastor Gary Schultz & Nan

Pastor Gary Schultz

Pastor Emeritus

Phone: 715-848-5511

Picture of Blaine Welch and Family

Blaine Welch

Director of Family Ministry

Phone: 715-848-5511 Ext. 3

[email protected]

Jean Drake Picture

Jean Drake

Office Administrator

Phone: 715-848-5511 Ext. 1

[email protected]

Picture of Sharon

Sharon Rezin

Finance Manager

Phone: 715-848-5511 Ext. 4

[email protected]

Picture of Dan Page

Dan Page

Organist, Choir Director

Phone: 715-848-5511

Generic Female Profile Image

Deb Cornelius

Preschool Director / Lead Teacher

Phone: 715-848-5511 Ext. 5

[email protected]

Michelle Berens

Preschool Assistant Teacher

Phone: 715-848-5511

Generic Male Profile Image

Curt Dahlke

Website Maintenance

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