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Pillowcase Dresses Workshop

Picture of pillowcase sewing

Junior High Sewing

Wow!  The dresses we have made! We have even branched out into cutting and sewing shorts for boys. With bias tape, elastic, and thread replenished and our ‘seamingly’ abundant supply of pillowcases, we are set to make many more dresses…we just need willing workers to cut, iron, stitch, and thread elastic!

Picture of pillowcase sewing


Here is a little background on the pillowcase clothing project:

This St. Mark’s project started more than 5 years ago when 80 dresses made by Carolyn Schultz were sent to Haiti.  Since then, she has sent 45 more dresses and because the boys were feeling left out, 45 pairs of shorts for the boys. So we planned a Pillowcase Sunday in which initially brought in over 100 pillowcases!  With financial support from a Thrivent  Action Team grant, we now have a group ranging in age from 90 to 10 years old who have sewn over 170 dresses…so far!!!  We all have had fun making them, and each dress is very special with buttons, pockets, and/or trim.  In addition, we have also expanded our project by writing and receiving another Thrivent Action Team grant to make boys shorts as well.

Our group met with Bethany St. Louis (our connection to Haiti), who shared her experiences and the excitement of the children as they received the new clothes.  We sent 75 dresses and 75 pairs of shorts, so Bethany will be able to give them to the children during Vacation Bible School.  Additional shipments will go to Orphan Grain Train for distribution.  Praise the Lord!

This is an ongoing project…  Donations of pillowcases, material, trims, and elastic can be placed in the large OGT box in the narthex.  We also welcome anyone interested in sewing.  If you have any questions or are interested in helping us sew, please call Joan at 715-842-9800.  Thank you for your support.

Picture of Pillowcase Dress

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