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If you have ever thought that reading the Bible is difficult then perhaps you need a study Bible.  Reading a study Bible is like having a large crowd of very smart people right there with you to answer any questions you might have along the way.  Click on this link to these reference  good study Bibles.

NIV Study Bible

Lutheran Study Bible ESV

Before purchasing any Bibles online, if you did want to get a personal touch and look at a purchase firsthand, then you could visit ChristianFaith Life Resources at 3707 Schofield Ave, Schofield, WI 54476.  The website can be found at this link ChristianFaith Life Resources

If you ever wanted a great and detailed resource for learning how to read the Bible then click here Grasping God’s Word Laminate Sheet

If you have ever wanted a simple way to learn about and retain Scripture then here are some simple steps to follow.  All of this information below comes through the Grasping God’s Word Series.  More information can be found at the following link.

Grasping God’s Word

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  1. Grasp The Text In Their Town – What did the text mean to the biblical audience?
    •Read the text carefully and make observations.
    •Study the historical and literary context.
    •Synthesize the meaning of the passage for the biblical audience.
  2. Measure The Width Of The River To Cross -What are the differences between the biblical audience and us?
    •Account for common differences: culture, language situation and time.
    •Focus on the unique differences found in a specific text.
    •If you are studying an Old Testament passage, you must account for the life and work of Jesus Christ.
  3. Cross The Gospel Bridge -What is the Gospel in this text?
    •Identify any similarities between the biblical audience and contemporary life.
    •Holding the differences and similarities together, identify the Gospel.
    •Write out the Gospel, using present tense verbs.
  4. Consult The Biblical Map -How does our Gospel fit with the rest of the Bible?
    •Does the Gospel correlate with the rest of the Bible?
    •If in the Old Testament, run your Gospel through the grid of the New Testament.
    •Use the Lutheran Confessions as a map to guide you.
  5. Grasp The Text In Our Town -How are individual Christians empowered to believe the Gospel today?
    •Apply the Gospel to the specific situation of a contemporary Christian or your own situation
    •There are numerous applicational possibilities, because Christians today find themselves in a variety of situations.

If you wanted to read the complete historical documents of the Lutheran Church from the time of the Reformation then click on the following link to purchase this book. Book of Concord

If you want to tie your brain into a theological knot then view one of these beautifully done CS Lewis Doodle videos.  They are deep, thought provoking, and very insightful.  They will sharpen your understanding and love of God!  Clink on the following link  CS Lewis Doodles

If you like snarky, Lutheran, high-brow, theological humor then click on the following link Lutheran Satire

If you ever watched to watch some extremely well done videos that will visually captivate you and tie together many themes from the Bible then click on the following link. The Bible Project

If you haven’t had enough sermons for the week after attending church service then here are some wonderful sermons by Dr. Michael Zeigler of the Lutheran Hour.  Click on the following link and then click on the button “Listen Now” under the Lutheran Hour tab.  Start by clicking on this link. The Lutheran Hour

If you have ever wanted to sit down with some professors and hear what they have to say about Scripture?  Click on the following link to access Concordia Seminary Professors as they discuss Lectionary readings over lunch.  Lectionary at Lunch


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