Tuition Assistance

St. Mark’s Tuition Assistance Policy

St. Mark’s has always had a history of supporting its Christian Education Ministries and acknowledges the value of our youngsters and adults who choose a path toward a better understanding of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod values and teachings.

Our congregation has set aside budgeted funds and Special Gift monies to help with escalating prices for families in need of help with tuition for Christian schools.

Applicants can range in age from Preschool to College students.


Applicants wishing to have assistance with tuition for Christian schools following the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod doctrine are to write a summary of what their needs are, why they’d like to pursue this path of learning and what they see their future holds upon graduation.

Once all applications are received upon a date chosen by the Board, funds will be allocated based on how many applicants there are and how much funding is available.

Individuals receiving tuition assistance must be actively involved in the St. Mark’s family by attending congregational worship regularly, attending Bible studies, volunteering, etc. Families wishing to have their children in St. Mark’s Preschool are also encouraged to apply.


Tuition Assistance funds will be paid directly to the school based in the payment schedule for the year. They will be applied to the name of the student receiving the funds.

Click here to download the application form.

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