Comfort Quilters

St. Mark’s has a group of quilters that make beautiful quilts for different recipients. The group has approximately 10 individuals which varies depending on who is available and who is interested. Some of the group works year-round preparing materials, after which the whole group gets together for about 14 weeks, 7 in the fall and 7 in the spring, to assemble quilts for completion. Each year about 200 items are completed. It’s a team/group effort – anyone can donate fabrics, sheets, blankets, comforters, threads, yarn, mattress pads, dust ruffles, etc. Donated items are sorted, cut into squares and proper sizes for blankets, then assembled, tied, and finished. The completed items are displayed at St. Mark’s around Mother’s Day or the time of the Fish Boil.

The items are donated locally, nationally, and in foreign countries. Here are some of the places items have been donated:

  • Nursing homes
  • VA Hospital in Tomah
  • Needy individuals
  • Fall giveaway to police departments in Schofield and Weston
  • Hope family center
  • Orphan Grain Train takes the rest for further shipment

Items may be available for donated fee. Any proceeds from donations are given to the Orphan Grain Train fund to help defray shipping costs.

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