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7-5-2020, NO SERMON SERIES THIS WEEKEND WITH ONE SERVICE AT 9:00 for the 4th of July
OT – 1 Samuel 8:1-22  – I chose this text to show how God’s people long ago clamored  to have an earthly king instead of a Godly King.
Epistle – 2 Peter 2:4-17 – I chose this text to remind ourselves that even through we are a part of this world we are also alien to it.
Matthew 27:37-44 – I chose this text to remind us of how Jesus ruled as our King.
7-12-2020, Series “What if…”
OT – 2 Samuel 12:1-10 “What if…David had not REPENTED to God? The line and lineage of Kingship would have been severed that leads to Jesus.  Theme will revolve around what it means for David to be a man after God’s own heart in terms of repentance, so it will revolve around the narrative of David.
OT – Psalm 51:1-4, 10-12, 15-17 – 3rd use of the Law
Gospel – Matthew 22:34-40 – Gospel and Law both
7-19-2020, Series “What if…”
OT – Psalm 100:1-5
Gospel – Luke 1:26-38 “What if…Mary had not SERVED her Lord?”  No Jesus!  
Gospel – Matthew 20:20-28 – 3rd use of the Law in how Jesus calls His disciples to serve.
7-26-2020, Series “What if…”
Epistle – Acts 9:1-18 “What if…Paul had not SUFFERED for the Lord?”  No Epistles, no Gentile conversions, and no journeys.  Just telling the narrative of Paul.
Epistle – 2 Corinthians 4:7-18 – 3rd use of the Law for how we are to view suffering
-We are going to continue with another sermon series on Psalms. It will be a seven week sermon series that starts on 8/2 and ends on 9/13. The point of the series is the show the value of reading the Psalms and the wonderful purpose they serve as a part of the Biblical cannon. It will also show a patient way to read, digest, and take in the personal words spoken by God’s people throughout the generations that Psalms span.  Below is a slide to show how far reaching the book of Psalms is in terms of the generations it encompasses. We hope people at the end will see the same value in the Psalms at Martin Luther did as a miniature Bible. Psalms also is the most intimate way to view God’s people’s relationship to Him. Psalms is like the diary of God’s people towards God.
8/2 – Theme – Two Ways…the Way of Righteousness and the Way of Wickedness
Genesis 2:4-9 to show that is was that ways from the beginning with Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
Psalm 1 – SERMON
John 14:1-7 to show how Jesus brings it all together by fulfilling the Law and being the Way for us to follow.
8/9 – Theme – Deliverance
Job 3:20-26 to show someone at the lowest pit of despair in their life and the words spoken
Psalm 6 – SERMON
Matthew 11:25-30 to show how Christ is there with us at our lowest times as His yoke is easy and His burden is light and in Him we will find rest
8/16 – Theme – Majesty of God’s Name
Psalm 8 – SERMON
Philippians 2:1-11 to show how Jesus inherits the Name of God based off of what He accomplished
8/23 – Theme – The Lord is our Rock and Fortress
Psalm 18:1-6, 25-31, and 46-51 – SERMON also very similar words are spoken in King David’s Song of Deliverance from 2nd Samuel 22, but I will only mention that in the sermon
Matthew 7:24-27 to show how Christ embodies the words spoken in Psalm 18
8/30 – Theme – Forsaken
Psalm 22:1-19 – SERMON
Matthew 27:45-54 to show how Jesus became forsaken so that we can know for certain that we never are.
9/6 – Theme – The Voice of the Lord can either create or destroy with miraculous power, and our voices are capable of creating or destroying as well.
Genesis 1:1-5 to show the voice of God creating out of nothing in a sheer act of love
Psalm 29 – SERMON This Psalm shows the creative and destructive powers of the voice of God with many similar connotations to Genesis and the flood narrative, which I can tie into the simple words spoken at a Baptism 
that accomplish great things for the Gospel message.
James 3:5-10 to show that the words we speak can destroy or create as well
9/13 – Theme – Blessed are the Forgiven
Psalm 32 – SERMON This Psalm has glimmers of what Judas must have felt without actually coming to forgiveness in the end.
Matthew 27:1-10 to show how sin functioned in Judas isolating him through pride and shame from simply repenting.  I want to show Judas as the pinnacle of tragedy in rejecting forgiveness as Judas really is the embodiment of
the Unforgivable Sin as he denies the only thing that can save him.
9/20/2020 – 15th Sunday after Trinity 
Old Testament – 1 Kings 17:8-16 – Sermon – Re-tell the story and apply with a theme of God’s provision
Epistle – Galatians 5:25-6:10
New Testament – Matthew 6:24-34
9/27/2020 – 16th Sunday after Trinity
Old Testament – 1 Kings 17:17-24 – Sermon – Re-tell the story and apply with a theme of needs vs wants…at the end 
of the day we need faith in God above all things.
Epistle – Ephesians 3:13-21
New Testament – Luke 7:11-17
10/4/2020 – 17th Sunday after Trinity
Old Testament – Proverbs 25:6-14
Epistle – Ephesians 4:1-6
New Testament – Luke 14:1-11 – Sermon – Re-tell the story and apply with a theme of “a seat at the table” for a 
Christian comes with humility
10/11/2020 – 18th Sunday after Trinity
Old Testament – Deuteronomy 10:12-21
Epistle – 1 Corinthians 1:4-9
Matthew 22:34-46 – Sermon – A teaching sermon on the two Great Commandments from Jesus in an in-depth systematic approach.
10/18/2020 – 19th Sunday after Trinity
Old Testament – Genesis 28:10-17 – Sermon – Speak of how a person who comes back to a high school reunion is not the same person who left before the journey began.  Apply that to Jacob’s full circle of coming home.
Epistle – Ephesians 4:22-28
New Testament – Matthew 9:1-8
10/25/2020 – Reformation Day
Old Testament – Psalm 46 – Sermon – Tell the story of Luther leading up to his moment of truth at the Diet of Worms and apply Psalm 46 to the story line ending with his moment of truth…be still and know that I am God as he stated he he stands.
Epistle – Revelation 14:6-7
New Testament – John 8:31-36
11/1/2020 – All Saints Day
1st Reading – Revelation 7:2-4, 9-17 – Sermon – Teaching sermon on Parousia/Last Day
2nd Reading – 1 John 3:1-3
Gospel – Matthew 5:1-12





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