Who Do I Contact?

St. Mark’s phone number is (715) 848-5511. Staff extensions are listed below, as well as a list of who to contact with specific questions. You can also use our general contact page, located HERE, to reach out.

Staff Extensions:

Jean Drake: 715-848-5511 Ext. 1

Pastor Hauan: 715-848-5511 Ext. 2

Blaine Welch: 715-848-5511 Ext. 3

Kurt Dahlke: 715-848-5511 Ext. 4

Cathy Page: 715-848-5511 Ext. 5

Who do I contact to…

Become a member – Pastor or Jean

Baptize my child – Pastor or Jean

Make a prayer request – Jean

Get married – Pastor or Jean

Ask about church ministry programs – Blaine

Volunteer – Jean

Ask a preschool question – Cathy

Donate or ask about church financials – Kurt

Ask about something else – Pastor or Jean


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