Picture for the Lay Ministry


Lay members, are a group of spiritually mature men and women, also known as “Elders” in God’s Church. Elders are concerned with the spiritual, emotional, physical health, and well-being of the Pastor(s), their families, and congregational members, individually and corporately. They support and encourage all of God’s children by Word, Action, and Prayer.

    • Word: support and encouragement are given, to all members, by either sending a written note or card, having a phone conversation, or meeting in-person when a reason is known.
    • Action: letters are sent, phone calls or in-person meetings are made out of concern for the spiritual life of congregational members who have not been to worship and shared the Lord’s Supper for a while.
    • Prayer: for the Pastor(s) and their families, other spiritual leaders in the Church, and each congregational member, whether for shared joys, concerns, or specific needs.

Lay members meet once each month, with the pastor(s), to insure that the congregation functions and remains disciplined in accordance with the established doctrine of the Church and to Scripture.

The Lay also offer a Mentoring Program to help new congregational members become better acquainted with the many opportunities offered at St. Mark’s to join in the fun and fellowship with serving our Lord, and our brothers and sisters in Christ. The Elders who mentor with this program are Encouragers. A little encouragement goes a long way with helping others achieve great things.

Each Elder has a specific zone of congregational members that he or she is associated with. Zones are determined by dividing up members alphabetically into groups, using their last names. Examples are: A thru C, D thru G, H thru K, and so on.

Do you have a concern weighing heavily on your mind, a need to be addressed, or even a joy in your heart that you wish to share? Then, please contact the St. Mark’s Lutheran Church office and a friendly, dedicated staff member will be happy to put you in touch with your caring Elder.

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