Picture of hands for ChristEvangelism has always carried with it a multiplying factor of God’s people, throughout their own lives, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people God has placed around them.  Evangelism has always been and will always be highly relational.  Our Evangelism Ministry is focused on leading our people into being comfortable with the fact that they are Evangelists at all times and in all places.

Through education, experience, and building each other up the Evangelists of St. Mark’s seek to multiply God’s Kingdom through the means He has given us in our own lives.  We worship together, we pray together, we are in God’s Word together, and we live life together, and we hope to invite everyone we can to come along with us as we all gather around our Lord!

Mass Media is also a great way to spread the news of how God is working at St. Mark’s.  Our website has many resources to help inspire the spreading of our Lord’s Gospel.  Check us out on YouTube, Facebook, or you can tune in on your television to the times below.

Cable Channel 980 Broadcast of Worship Services

Tuesday’s- 11:00a.m.

Wednesday’s – 6:00p.m.

Thursday’s – 7:00a.m.

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