From the desk of Pastor Eric Hauan

Dear St. Mark’s Family,

In the midst of this ongoing pandemic combined with new summer schedules, vacations, and possibly traveling I thought this Marking’s letter would best serve the purpose of updating you on all the goings on at church.  It has been such a blessing to actually start worshiping at church again, and to see faces in the seats praying, singing, and sharing in the gifts of God.  I am grateful that the transitioning back has went smoothly up to this point.  Our basic strategy was to take advantage of our flexible space and just open up with a regular schedule, and allow people to trickle in at their own leisure.  We have had a couple of services go over the 25% capacity, but I consider that a good problem J  For the most part we have stayed very close to the parameters we set for ourselves, and we are all being good and gracious neighbors to each other. 

Before we get into the church updates I also want to make sure and thank all of you.  I am thankful for all of the leadership and volunteers we have that work behind the scenes in various capacities making this church stay afloat.  Many hands make for light work and a lot was accomplished throughout this pandemic, and if your hands helped to contribute then I will simply say thank you from the entire church staff!  We are also a very well supported church full of people giving from the abundance that God has given to them.  We have so many people that give in so many ways and I am continually grateful to see what God works through His people.  Thank you to all of you who have and who continue to support St. Mark’s financially!

Pastor Eric Hauan



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