Prayer Shawl

Knit one, Pray one, Purl one

Colossians 2:2 says, “that their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love…” The prayer shawl group, as an in-reach emphasis, is part of the Christian Concern committee. Shawls may be either a knit or crochet design. As they are being made, prayers are being said by the one making them for whoever will be receiving them.

It strengthens our relationship with God through prayer and is a wonderful way to share God’s love, comfort, and peace with someone who feels forgotten, lonely, or is suffering with a serious illness. Shawls are blessed in the church by the pastor before  being given out.

Participation in this ministry can be done in several ways: donation of money to purchase yarn, donating yarn. supplying names of people who would  benefit from this ministry, and yes,  by volunteering to make prayer shawls. Shawls should measure 18″-22″ wide and 60″-70″ long. They do not have to be complicated patterns. Simple designs lend themselves to praying while making them.

The prayer card that is included with the shawls reads as follows:

Dear God-
Please watch over and protect the
person who wears this prayer shawl.
You carry a token of love, hope
strength, forgiveness and
May it lift you up when you are
feeling tired, lonely, scared,
frustrated, ill or hurt.
May love & prayers knitted into
this prayer shawl remind you
that you are not alone & that
others are thinking of and
praying for you.

St. Mark’s Prayer Shawl Ministry


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