Small Groups & Action Teams

With the availability of the vaccines the future seems a little brighter concerning Covid. We are excited about the possibility of gathering together as a church family, both during services and out-side of church. We have talked about Small Groups and Action Teams in the past and want to explain a little more about what they would really mean for you.
Some Small Groups (groups that meet continuously) that we already have established are Men-In-Action, Comfort Quilters, P.E.W. Sisters, and OGT. Pastor Eric will be starting Band of Brothers in fall. We feel that joining a small group helps people feel more connected to the church and builds rela-tionships within. If you would like to join one of these groups, reach out to the office. We will put you in contact with the lead for more information. It is our hope this summer to create more small groups to accommodate all the age ranges and demographics in our congregation.
Action Teams can occur on a regular ongoing basis or be a specific event, which can come up weekly or monthly. Each Action Team will be assigned a specific budget set to accomplish the task. The Team Lead is given freedom to arrange and orchestrate resources and volunteers as they see fit to accomplish the goal of the specific or ongoing event. If you have an idea for an action team, please reach out to Pastor Eric. He would love to talk to you about it!
Need some examples on what some small groups / action teams could be? Below are what we received from the congregation when we asked for their input:

Outdoor Activities Social Activities Mission Opportunities Companionship Opportunities
Hunting Lutheran Women’s Studies on Daniel & Revelation Widow/Widower Group
Fishing Social Group Membership vs. Discipleship Healthy Marriage Group
Snowshoers/Hiking Empty Nesters Social Outreach Young Parents Group
Golf Outing Card Players Care Ministry Parents w/ teenagers
Picnic Movie Night Camp Luther Helpers Retiree Group
Glamping/Camping Dance Night Bible Study Outings Young at Heart – LWML
Walking Tours Book Club Teenage Group 55+ Fellowship
Yard Parties Bible Study Outings Senior Help  
BBQ’s Summer Fun Parties    
Motorcycle Group Crafters    
Softball Team (Already started) Variety Show    
  Computer Interests    

**Please note that this is just a SMALL example of the groups that can be formed. You are only limited by your imagination!


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