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2017 Sermons - (Click to Expand)

11-5-17: “Remember Your Identity” – All Saints’ Day
10-22-17: “Solus Christus – Christ Alone” – The Twentieth Sunday After Pentecost
10-15-17: “Faith Alone” – The Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost
10-8-17: “Sola Gratia” – The Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost
10-1-17: “God’s Word Alone” – The Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost
9-24-17: “The Generosity Of God” – The Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost
9-17-17: “Forgive In Spite Of It All” – The Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost
9-10-17: “Pass It On To The Next Generation” – The Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost
9-3-17: “Never Tire Of Doing What Is Good” – The Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost
8-27-17: “Who Is Jesus To You?” – The Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost
8-20-17: “One Determined Woman” – The Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost
8-13-17: “Get Out Of Your Cave!” – The Tenth Sunday After Pentecost
8-6-17: “God Will Provide The Resources” – The Ninth Sunday After Pentecost
7-30-17: “More Than Conquerors” – The Eighth Sunday After Pentecost
7-23-17: “God Wants To Pull The Weeds Out Of Your Life” – The Seventh Sunday After Pentecost
7-16-17: “Are You Listening?” – The Sixth Sunday After Pentecost
7-9-17: “Thank God For The Victory” – The Fifth Sunday After Pentecost
7-2-17: “Thank God, We’re Free” – The Fourth Sunday After Pentecost
6-25-17: “Do You Want A Life Of Fear Or Faith?” – The Third Sunday After Pentecost
6-18-17: “Just Like Our Father” – The Second Sunday After Pentecost
6-11-17: “The Triune God” – The Holy Trinity
6-4-17: “Children Of The Wind” – The Day Of Pentecost
5-28-17: “Another Chapter Begins” – The Ascension Of Our Lord
5-21-17: “A Promise With A Gift” – Sixth Sunday Of Easter
5-14-17: “For Troubled Hearts” – Fifth Sunday Of Easter
5-7-17: “The Door To Abundant Life” – Fourth Sunday Of Easter
4-30-17: “Distracted By Disappointment” – Third Sunday Of Easter
4-23-17: “Learning To Doubt Our Doubts” – Second Sunday Of Easter
4-16-17: “Fear Removed” – Easter Sunday
4-14-17: “Joseph Of Arimathea: In Secret, Now Out” – Good Friday
4-9-17: “What Kind Of King Is This?” – Palm Sunday
4-2-17: “A Resurrection Preview” – Fifth Sunday In Lent
3-26-17: “If Only We Could See The Light” – Fourth Sunday In Lent
3-19-17: “What Are You Thirsting For?” – Third Sunday In Lent
3-12-17: “Blessed To Be A Blessing” – Second Sunday In Lent
3-5-17: “Lead Me Not Into Temptation” – First Sunday In Lent
2-26-17: “Mountain Top Moment” – The Transfiguration Of Our Lord
2-19-17: “Facing Giants In Life And Work” – Seventh Sunday After The Epiphany
2-12-17: “Transforming How I See And Use Money” – Sixth Sunday After The Epiphany
2-5-17: “Facing The Fears That Ruin Relationships” – Fifth Sunday After The Epiphany
1-29-17: “How To Deal With How You Feel” – Fourth Sunday After The Epiphany
1-22-17: “Change Your Life By Changing Your Mind” – Third Sunday After The Epiphany
1-15-17: “From Stressed To Blessed” – Second Sunday After The Epiphany
1-8-17: “How To Get Closer To God” – First Sunday After The Epiphany
1-1-17: “Goal Setting For Transformation” – New Year’s Day


2016 Sermons - (Click to Expand)

12-25-16: “Away In A Manger” – Christmas Day
12-24-16: “Christ’s Transforming Gift” – Christmas Eve
12-18-16: “Immanuel – God With Us” – Fourth Sunday In Advent
12-11-16: Orchestra Worship Service – Third Sunday In Advent
12-4-16: “The God Of Hope” – Second Sunday In Advent
11-27-16: “A Celebration Of Hope” – First Sunday In Advent
11-23-16: “Take Time To Say Thanks” – Thanksgiving Eve
11-20-16: “The Righteous Will Be The Lord’s” – Christ The King Sunday
11-13-16: “A Psalm For Distressing Times” – 2nd Last Sunday In The Church Year
11-6-16: “Lasting Treasure” – Consecration Sunday – All Saint’s Day
10-30-16: “Martin Luther – Shaped By Grace” – Reformation Sunday
10-23-16: “Going Home Well” – 23rd Sunday After Pentecost
10-16-16: “The Power Of Persistence” – 22nd Sunday After Pentecost
10-9-16: “Come And See” – LWML Sunday
10-2-16: “A Faith To Move Mountains” – 20th Sunday After Pentecost
9-25-16: “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself” – 19th Sunday After Pentecost
9-18-16: “Do Something About Your Situation” – 18th Sunday After Pentecost
9-11-16: “Daring To Grow A Deeper Soul” – Rally Day
9-4-16: “What Will Your Legacy Be?” – 16th Sunday After Pentecost
8-28-16: “The Changeless Christ In A Changing World” – 15th Sunday After Pentecost
8-21-16: “The Door Is Narrow – But It’s Open” – 14th Sunday After Pentecost
8-7-16: “Abraham & God’s Promise” – 12th Sunday After Pentecost
7-31-16: “How To Escape Being Possessed By Our Possessions!” – 11th Sunday After Pentecost
7-24-16: “Keys To Effective Prayer” – 10th Sunday After Pentecost
7-17-16: “Wined And Dined By God’s Greater Servant” – 9th Sunday After Pentecost
7-10-16: “The Temptation To Pass By On The Other Side” – 8th Sunday After Pentecost
7-3-16: “Marching Orders” – 7th Sunday After Pentecost
6-26-16: “Sensing The Urgency” – 6th Sunday After Pentecost
6-19-16: “Fathers Seek Lives Guided By Christ’s Love” – 5th Sunday After Pentecost
6-12-16: “God’s Abounding Grace” – 4th Sunday After Pentecost
6-5-16: “Go In Faith” – 3rd Sunday After Pentecost
5-29-16: “Humble Faith” – 2nd Sunday After Pentecost
5-22-16: “What Is Man?” – The Holy Trinity
5-15-16: “Walk With God” – Pentecost
5-8-16: “When Jesus Prays, He Prays For Us” – Seventh Sunday Of Easter
5-1-16: “The City Of God And The City Of Man” – Sixth Sunday Of Easter
4-24-16: “Litmus Test Of Love” – Fifth Sunday Of Easter
4-17-16: “No More Tears” – Good Shepherd Sunday
4-10-16: “Unbreakable” – Third Sunday Of Easter
4-3-16: “Blessed Are Those Who Believe” – Second Sunday Of Easter
3-27-16: “People Mover” – Easter Sunday
3-25-16: “A New Name” – Good Friday
3-20-16: “Blessed Is He Who Comes In The Name Of The Lord” – Palm Sunday
3-13-16: “The Parable Of The Tenants” – Fifth Sunday in Lent
3-6-16: “When We Feel Lost” – Fourth Sunday in Lent
2-28-16: “Thank God For Second Chances” – Third Sunday in Lent
2-21-16: “Jesus Desires To Gather Us In His Love” – Second Sunday in Lent
2-14-16: “Living Above Temptation” – First Sunday in Lent
2-7-16: “Daring To Wait On God” – The Transfiguration Of Our Lord
1-31-16: “Daring To Plant In Faith” – Fourth Sunday After The Epiphany
1-24-16: “Daring To Commit” – Third Sunday After The Epiphany
1-17-16: “Daring To Imagine” – Second Sunday After The Epiphany
1-10-16: “Daring To Give God My Best” – The Baptism Of Our Lord
1-3-16: “What Happens When You Have Faith” – Second Sunday After Christmas


2015 Sermons - (Click to Expand)

12-27-15: “A Special Relationship With The Father” – First Sunday Of Christmas
12-24-15: “A Child Will Be Born” – Christmas Eve
12-13-15: “Peace In Advent” – 3rd Sunday In Advent
12-6-15: “Preparing For Christ’s Coming” – 2nd Sunday In Advent
11-29-15: “Signs Of Christ’s Coming” – 1st Sunday In Advent
11-22-15: “Stay Awake – Keep Watch” – Christ The King Sunday
11-15-15: “When The Unthinkable Happens” – 2nd Last Sunday In Church Year
11-8-15: “Confident In Christ!” – 3rd Last Sunday In Church Year
11-1-15: “What Does It Mean To Be Blessed?” – All Saints Day
10-25-15: “What’s Your Image Of God?” – Reformation Sunday
10-18-15: “A Great High Priest” – 21st Sunday after Pentecost
10-4-15: “Jesus Is Better Than Angels” – 19th Sunday after Pentecost
9-27-15: “For Or Against” – 18th Sunday after Pentecost
9-20-15: “Greatness” – 17th Sunday after Pentecost
9-13-15: “We Believe” – 16th Sunday after Pentecost
9-6-15: “The Sanctity Of Labor” – 15th Sunday after Pentecost
8-30-15: “Shoes Make The Outfit” – 14th Sunday after Pentecost
8-23-15: “Serve God With Your Lips And Your Heart” – 13th Sunday after Pentecost
8-9-15: “Don’t Be A Cantankerous Person” – 11th Sunday after Pentecost
8-2-15: “Christ Alone Can Satisfy Our Deepest Need” – 10th Sunday after Pentecost
7-26-15: “We Are No Longer Strangers” – 9th Sunday after Pentecost
7-19-15: “The Challenge & Excitement Of Transition” – 8th Sunday after Pentecost
7-12-15: “Chosen For A Purpose” – 7th Sunday after Pentecost
7-5-15: “One Nation Under God” – 6th Sunday after Pentecost
6-28-15: “The Doctor Is Always In” – 5th Sunday after Pentecost
6-21-15: “Stilling The Storms In Our Life” – 4th Sunday after Pentecost
6-14-15: “One Life To Live” – 3rd Sunday after Pentecost
6-7-15: “Don’t Give Up Now” – 2nd Sunday of Pentecost
5-31-15: “Who Are You And What Are You Worth?” – Holy Trinity Sunday
5-24-15: “The Power of Pentecost” – Pentecost Sunday
5-17-15: “A Testimony for Life” –  7th Sunday of Easter


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